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Gain Control over Anxiety

Are you often overcome with worry and dread? Experiencing occasional anxiety is a normal part of life. However, when feelings of anxiety and panic interfere with your daily activities, it is time to reach out and get help.

  • Do you anxious thoghts that prevent you from sleeping?
  • Do you sometimes experience sudden intense anxiety and fear that reach a peak withing minutes(panic attacks)?
  • Do you fear interfere with your day to day functioning?
  • Do you avoid places or situations that trigger feelings of impending danger, panic or doom?

If this is the case, you may be struggling with anxiety.

Counseling with Esly Valdeon can put you on the path to living a calmer, more peaceful life.


Esly Valdeon will work with you to gain control over your anxiety. She can help you identify and avoid anxiety-triggering situations and chande your thinking patterns.

Esly provides individualized, tailor made counseling, suited to your specific needs.

She can introduce you to effective techniques to calm your thoughts, and no allow worrisome thoughts to control you.

She will work with you in a respectful and supportive way, providing you with the guidance and care you need along the way.


Counseling is often successful in bringing calm and reducing the physical effects of stress. You can gain control over anxiety and gain the head-space to focus on your goals and priorities.

Reducing your anxiety may help you sleep better, feel healthier and live a more fullfiled life. You can rebuild relationships and get involved in your home and work life.

Esly is here to help your goals. You can change the way you react to stress.